Inside the world of Second Life I believe we are all looking for one main ingredient. “LOVE”

Before you jump in the comments box and say that is not what your looking for at all let me explain what I mean.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes!

One type of love is the love for friends. We all get lonely in our real lives and look for like-minded people to spend our time with. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have all kind of become shut-ins. It is not what a lot of us are use to. Myself I was a person who was out day and most nights working, going to meetings, helping family and volunteering just to name a few of the things I did outside of my home. It was a shock to my system to stay home and do more for me. Kind of get to know myself and yes, love myself more. I learned that I was someone who enjoyed alone time. I even got more sleep in then I have in a long time. I read quite a lot and started projects on my home inside and outside. I think my home is cleaner then it has been since we first moved in. I was kind of a rare girl who really enjoyed my stay at home time. Not everyone does of course. Our world in 2020-2021 is a go out and find things to do kind of world. It seems embarrassing to say you would rather stay home and watch a movie then go out and hang with a bunch of people. Most of the time we all do want our friendships in fact I will have to say I lost touch with quite a lot of friends during this shut in time and not just in real life but in Second Life to. I found I didn’t want to sit in front of a computer much. I think a part of that is I found another love besides just friends….

Love yourself first. This one is a hard one. You got to be able to enjoy being by yourself and even enjoy the way you see yourself. We all jump on Second Life to change a bit of us. We give ourselves a pretty face and beautiful hair as well as a knock-out body. It is fun and exciting. I have twirled my avatar around to get good looks at all of her both with clothes and naked more times then I can say in fact if she was a real person she would be so dizzy she may not recover. *giggles Yes, I do love my avi very much and so does my partner. I have changed her look many times but all in all she is a very beautiful girl. So when I look in the mirror in real life with no make-up and no clothes on do I feel the same way? I do twirl myself in real to check and see where all the sags are and those doggone it wrinkles as well as my tits and ass just are not where they were even a few years ago. Wow!!! Do I love myself though? I will have to say, Yes! I do. I may not look like I did when I was 20 but that really doesn’t matter. I still have a look for my age I can be happy with. We all have things we want to change about our looks it is human nature. If someone looks at me and says that I should get this done or that done that is their opinion and it should not matter; as I love who I am and what I look like. I may work a bit on it exercising, eating right and taking my meds and vitamins but all in all time will play it’s cruel joke that it does to everyone as we age or should I say if we are blessed with the time to age. Life is just to short to wish for that 20 year old body anymore. I am what I am and proud of the girl I am in both lives. Yes, I do love myself.

Romantic Love. This one not everyone is looking for but I would have to say even the ones who say they are not interested have talked about it many times in my experience. Part of Romantic love is Fantasy inside of the virtual world. We, after all, most of the time are just using your mind and not our real life body. You’re living with this person inside of the virtual world and not in your own bed. Your having adventures and joining groups with this person that in no way you would ever be able to do in real life. Most of all your love-making and sexual attraction is a virtual thing …… or is it?

They say love is 30 percent physical but all the rest is emotional which means we feel something for someone and respond to those feelings weather your looking at the person or not. That being said, you still need that physical part or shall I say most of us do. You also in the Second Life world … hmmm probably in both worlds but as far as physical goes, unless you have a visual impairment in the real world your mainly going to need this in the Second Life world and that is TRUST! The type of trust I am blogging about right now is the person your falling in love with is telling you the truth about themselves behind that avatar. Some things you need to have the truth on is …

Age; As a person who has been around a bit I really do not want to be doing umm romantic-sexual things with a teenager. I will not discuss what that is called in real life but in Second life you kind of want to date, have romantic fun and may even partner someone who you have a lot in common with . Lets say kind of like the same music, clothes, dances, clubs, groups and so many other things. I for one am not into the “Head-Banging” music and neither is my partner. Now there is an acceptation to every rule of course but all in all we are looking for that connection and hopefully for a long time to come maybe even years.

Sex: I am all for being whatever you want to be in Second Life and even real life but for many of us we have a type we would be with and a type we would never be with. If you are a man and only interested in women you do not want to date and fall in love with another man. If that avatar you have been talking to in private IM is a man in real life you may want to know. It is that persons choice to be a different sex then they are in their real life but it is not the person who they are interested in choice. They need to trust you and deserve to know that you’re who you are perceived to be in Second Life and even have said you are in real life. The same holds true to a woman who is portraying a male avatar in Second Life. If your interested in women that is fine but they should know that your a woman and not a man. Their choices for their Second Life may not be with another women. In fact many simply would never even consider it no matter if this is a fantasy world or not. To start to have feelings for someone romantically as well as sexually is with the same heart in both lives. The pain and heartbreak when it does finally come out. Yes, the lies always do find a way to come out in the end. I have seen it more times then I can count. I can give you the ways but do not want to hurt feelings just want to be logical here. We are all adults or I guess most of us are. Respect is not something someone must earn you should give it to each other no matter what. Kindness and compassion are also things we should always give. There are literally thousands of people inside of Second Life. You can find someone who it doesn’t matter what sex you are behind that avatar but at least care about the person you’re having feelings for and becoming romantically involved with enough to be truthful about it. Isn’t it their choice to decide if they still want to go into the direction your all going into or to just have a friendship?

I have said this many times in my blogs but it bears repeating. When you fall in love in second Life it is with one heart! If the Second Life heart gets burned you are also burning that persons real life heart. Those tears are real and that anger, pain and resentment as well as sadness, hurt and mistrust are all of one heart. If you even care or love that person even a little bit even as a friend you should think before you do.

What does Love got to do with Second Life? A whole Hell of a lot in this girls opinion!

May all of your Second Life dreams come true with the friendships, family and romance of your Second Life.



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Choose Your Own Path!

In both real life and Second Life I seem to have discussions of the things that are going on that has stopped us from choosing our own path. These discussions can get heated because after all we are all humans behind those avatars and as humans we have very strong beliefs on how to live life or more importantly our own lives.

Many times we try to get people to see things our way such as if a person wants to become partners with another person in there they may talk about how much they love them and want them in their lives always. During these times they may show them as well as tell them how much they love them. They may text, IM in Facebook, discord talk with them or come on Second Life during the times that person is online. Heck they may even introduce them to their friends and Second Life family. Sometimes this works but a lot of times they have left some very relevant information out. Such as they are married in real life or they are female in real life inside of a male avatar. These things can cause hurt and pain and very heated discussions with the person. This is after all Second Life why should we care what someone does in real life. I think we care because we care about that person. Feelings do not hit us on other people in Second Life just when we come online in the virtual world now does it? No our feelings are real in both worlds and are the same feelings. Our heart is one heart and not interchangeable so our beliefs are the same.

In the paths we take one that has been going on over a year is the path of the Pandemic or should I say the Covid. It has mutated to the Delta now and of course the longer it is not under control it will mutate even more. It is a very hot topic and I believe mostly because we have something different out there we never had when Polio hit or so many other diseases back in the day. The Media tells us through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and just googling it how it is terrible to get the vaccine or it is wonderful to get the vaccine. It gives all sorts of reasons and of course tells us stories of this one dying from the vaccine or this one catching it even though they had the vaccine and I can go on and on. Sometimes I wonder if we would have controlled the different diseases out there if we had media long ago? Even TV’s were not something we had to concern ourselves about giving false information until later as well. For me personally I believe what I see not what I hear. I am in a working environment were I see and talk to more people then most. Mine are mostly seniors and veterans and their wives. I see first hand what this is doing. I have been to more funerals and memorials then I have ever been to and all of them so far have been due to not getting the vaccine and catching it and dying. Of course there are always acceptations to every rule. Someone can tell me about something they saw on the internet or heard on the news or heard from hear-say or so much others but I would encourage people to see it up front and personal. Volunteer at your local hospital and of course wear all the protection so you do not catch it. Just for a few weeks they are desperate for volunteers. You can see as you walk the Covid ward just what is really happening and if they with those machines breathing for them can possibly talk can tell you one to one how they contracted it and what they would of done differently. Go to the funerals of people who died of the disease and listen at the memorial service like I do. Yes, I have been vaccinated but I still wear a mask and do all the precautions. Yes, there is a possibility even with the vaccine in me that I can catch it but I believe no one went out to make this vaccine to hurt people but to help people and I believe this could help me. It is again a choice and everyone makes it for themselves and their children who are eligible to get the vaccine.

Let me close with this parable:

This person worked hard all week and one Saturday decided needed a break so jumped on the motorcycle and took off. Ended up driving down to the lake and parked to enjoy the beautiful day. Walked down and saw a little boat with a motor parked out there at the dock. Walked over and could read on the side of the boat these words. “God Will Save YOU!” This person laughed and got into the boat and started the motor and took off figuring to ride just for thirty minutes or so and enjoy the day. After a bit the motor just quit and as this person tried to get it to start noticed water filling up in the boat. Looked around and saw alligators swimming around the boat. Panic set in and this person screamed out to the sky “GOD PLEASE SAVE ME!!!” This person in a Kayak was enjoying the day and pulled up to the boat and said jump on the front and hold on I will bring you to shore. It was a small front and this person said no way will you be able to hold me up and bring me in so I will not get on. The Kayak left and this person screamed out again!! “GOD PLEASE PLEASE SAVE ME!!!!!” Next another person came by on a air filled boat and it was pretty small probably meant for just one but he said come on and jump in and I will take you to shore. No that will never save us both it will not work and did not get into it. So that person also left. As the boat was almost completely under water this person screamed out to the sky “GOD I BELIEVE YOU WILL SAVE ME PLEASE PROVE ME RIGHT AND SAVE ME!” The boat went completely under water and the gators went around and around this person then one grabbed the left leg and bit it off the person screamed in such horrific pain that he knows he would try to get on the raft now and screamed to the rafter to please come back but it was to late the next gator bit off the other leg and the pain was so bad and then finally the last gator took this person down and that was the end.

All of the sudden this person was at the pearly gate and out came God. This person said why did you not save me? God said I tried. This person said you did not and I asked and asked. God said I sent you the Kayak and the raft and you would not accept the help that was out there for you.

If you want me to tell you what this means you will have to come to your own conclusions. We all have choices that we make in life. Some are good and some are bad. None of us are correct 100 percent of the time. We must do the very best we can with the life we have. Please understand if someone has a different opinion it doesn’t mean they are angry with you just that they care about you and want you to see their point of view. They are not judging you and you should not be judging them.

We only have one life.

May God bless and take care of you all!

  • The thoughts and opinions in this and all e-mails is just mine and in no way says anyone else is right or wrong.

Thanks for reading my blog



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We all have one main thing in common in Second Life…. We all have a Rez day! Rez days are kind of like birthdays in our real lives except a lot of us have more then one Rez day. I am sure many have a alt of an avatar. Some are our money banks to keep us in line from spending our Lindens to fast. Some are the place we go that no one “or mostly no one” knows about. We can jump from place to place without being IMed and having to stop to type back or maybe we just want to try some new things such as skins, hair, groups, clubs and even get more then one group gift. There are a few who use them to have more then one relationship inside of Second Life but we won’t discuss or worry about those this is about our Rez days and all we accomplish in our virtual world.

Believe it or not Danni is my alt or was my alt. My first avatar was named Amberlynn and she was such a cute little blond bombshell (at least at the time I thought so giggles). She was made to spend time with my real life best friend who had been in this virtual world about six months and I couldn’t get her off the computer to go out and do things with me or meet me somewhere. I loved her she was my world as far as besty’s go since we had known each other since teenage life. We had been through so much together and she helped me learn more about let’s just say the wild side of real life or as much as she could get me to get into trouble with her with. *giggles Oh yes I still remember her friend from SL who lived in Australia and we had a sleep over at her place one weekend and she and I drank so much she talked me into showing my tatas with her on skype. The next morning with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and feeling like I wish someone would put me out of my misery I still remembered and was so embarrassed. Now, what many do on skype I feel like what I did was pretty tame.

I had lost my best friend to Second Life. She and I got in a huge fight over a difference of opinion of how to handle someone in the world and then she ended up moving out of state with this person she met in Second Life and we simply were not compatible to be what we were before Second Life.

That is something we must all remember besides the changes of our avatars in this world we also in real life change so very much because of Second Life. For me “my opinion” we grow stronger and braver. we learn to take chances. To try something we would of never done in real life or to meet someone and fall in love without ever seeing what this person looks like in real or their home, job, car, finances, real life family or so many other things that we get to know people with. Because of cutting out the middle man “or middle things” as we say we end up going with our emotions and learning to love from the heart instead of physical attraction. We also learn that we have hearts that can love so much more then we imagined. We can love so many people in this world from friends, family and relationships.

We also learn about heartache and pain. Things people have done to us and even say to us hurt us more then we ever thought it could. We also learn how to accept the people we really care for and even love as friends and family to let them go. Some because of break ups and some “this one is even harder” because of them passing in real life. You receive the same shock from it but you learn that inside of Second Life things are going to happen that you have no control over. People leave Second Life without even telling you they are going and you may never see them again. Or maybe they turn back up years later. You learn this is how it is and there is no way to change it and in some cases even find them. If they moved and changed their cell phone number you just loose touch.

Danie Gartner started as someone for my friend to have with her to dance with and even make a old partner jealous. That didn’t last long and I ended up re-inventing Danie and she became a teenager on an adoption board. At that time I was wanting to be cared for and loved unconditionally. To me being someone’s kid guarantees that. Yes, I know I was young and dumb but it all worked out. Danie grew to become Danni and even though she does have parents, siblings, cousins and friends she also has learned a bit about who I really would have loved to be inside. The one who not only falls in love but is in a kinky relationship with trust and honesty. Heck, that is certainly hard to find in real as your working all the time and taking care of people in real. With this covid we also for almost two years stopped going places in real life so trying new things is kind of impossible right now. Oh well thank goodness for Second Life. A place of wonder, fantasy, friendships, and most importantly Love!

On this very special day of mine I want to thank everyone who has been a part of Danni’s life for all the time, fun, friendship and love you have given me.

We have all changed so much in our real lives. Life alters us in the things we do and the people and places we go but we have also changed so very much in our Second Lives. The people we meet the places we go and just hopefully we will all keep growing and changing for the better because we all found our Second Lives.



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Sometimes you enjoy something and you don’t even realize the old saying “Here today, Gone tomorrow” is so true. Most of my friends enjoy playing Gachas. They can be described as Gumball Machines when we were little and putting a penny in them and then you get something from the many pictures they have on the front. My favorite Gumball machine was the ones with the small rubber balls. When I was a kid I would put a dime in them and get different colors or maybe a really big one. Of course that was the Rare one we just wanted it so very badly. The same is true with Gacha machines. Some are for clothes, some furniture, some hair and some animals. Of course there are so many more types but what was so amazing about them is that you were able to transfer them to someone else. They were my favorite gifts to give out to friends and family. Once in a while you would get a Rare one. Those were even more special. The fun of them is to try for something you wanted. You didn’t always get that one but sometimes you got something you didn’t even realize you wanted.

Danni’s Marketplace link

Some of my friends would re-sale them on Market Place. I happen to be one of those people.

It was a way to bring more Lindens “dollars” into the game to do other things or to buy something else. After all not everyone can afford to put money into the game. Some work in there as I have with Hosting and some sell things in there such as land, furniture or things they have made such as clothes or Motorcycles. A lot of people sell things to make money to help them in their real lives.

Now what they are saying is it is like Gambling. They did the same with the different machines out there. I use to go to those games, such as “No-Devil” and play them and had such a great time. It is so weird how this virtual world gets into trouble for things that are real life connected with real life money. I guess we can say many put real life money in to play the gachas and other things but I guess I think that can happen just as easy in any game on Steam. You want to move up you must put money into the game. There are so many games out there you must put money into in order to go anywhere or even keep up with the others playing the game. Isn’t that a way of gambling?

Gachas are over as of August 31, 2021. There really is nothing that can be done to stop it. I am sure Linden Labs was pushed to do this since they will be losing money as well when this is over. I am really going to miss it. What else can you buy to give as a gift out of your inventory or maybe re-sell it? Not to mention they were so cheap to buy and the chance of getting something you never thought you wanted until you put that 50L into the machine and it popped into your inventory well there really isn’t a lot out there you can do that with. It is a surprise every time and a fun one at that.

Gacha machines prices ranged but usually I saw them between 25 lindens to 75 lindens. They were better price then most things you buy out there with a lot more smiles and so many things you can do with them.

I also have gone to gacha sales which will remind you of garage sales in your real life. You got to walk around and see things that people got in the gacha machines that they didn’t expect and instead of deleting it they put them up for sale for someone else who may be looking for that certain thing. It was now someone else’s treasure.

I do know there are going to be so many very disappointed people who couldn’t wait to go to places that would open quarterly such as The Arcade did. There was fun in those gachas I am really going to miss.

I guess they say change is simply a part of all of our lives. This is true. For me a big part of coming on a game is to enjoy yourself and I never heard of anyone complaining about gacha machines being in stores or the center of a group. After all if you do not like to play no one was twisting your avatar’s arm to play them.

Hopefully sometime in the future there will be something like it that we will be able to play with again. I sure do hope so since my partner and I loved checking them out as well as many of my friends and family did.



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Visioning and Imagination will it be enough when your only Second Life?

Warning… Some of this content will not be for those who are underage or only enjoying the blogs rated PG or lower… Please go to my next blog instead.

I am a babygirl in Second Life. For some who have read my blogs they may know what type of babygirl I am. For others they may think it is someone wanting to play as a child. This is so not true. Let me clarify I am a Second Life Submissive to a Dominant partner. We are not Master and slave but we are in the form of a Sadist and Masochist in that I love when he controls things of a sexual nature. In fact there are times he does it and it has nothing to do with sex. He may have me make a choice of what to eat or what to wear or how to act. Sometimes he may give me choices of either doing A or B. He loves to watch or more like listen to me squirm and I love when he does it as well it is a big part of who I am inside. I do not believe our lifestyle is for everyone and I am fine with whatever choices you make for your Second Lives.

Many times he fills up the submissive in me simply by his direction of our evening. He may even want to enjoy just the two of us in our BDSM lifestyle. We have many SL toys “as I call them” that we play with but if your someone who has no one in real life to participate in sexual pleasure your imagination is the greatest gift we can have. After all if your in Second Life you must have a fantastic imagination right? When we are together for pleasure we use it and it works every time. One way is his control of my real life orgasms. He loves to direct me on what to do and how to do it and even if I am allowed to have one on this day. We have gone as far as been out in a group and while he is talking to someone in Second life on voice he is giving me directions on what he would be doing to me in real and how I am to handle it. This is one of the biggest turn on’s for me.

As I am sitting on his lap and he is cuddling me we would be at a concert listening to SL music. He may have me in private voice or maybe in a text private message or maybe even both and starts to tell me to take something off. It can be in Second Life on my avatar but he is also meaning for me to to the same on the other side of the screen. He may hear my voice or see my text of begging and pleading to not do this but this just drives him even more Dominant I have a strange feeling he loves when I am begging. As we move closer and closer to what we are both doing to ourselves to reach our goal there is usually something or someone in the background of Second Life talking or playing music or possible a game of Greedy. This just fuels him more and brings the Dom out of him with a strength I have never seen before.

Usually I am to far gone at this point and enjoying all of the pleasure that he is bringing to me and sometimes I forget to turn my mic off or he orders me to leave it on so that I have to try to be quiet which for me is so very hard. “ok a little pun intended smirks”

I bet you wanted me to go all the way with this blog but no because I want your imagination to take over as well. Our fun and pleasure in Second Life can boil over into our real lives. You just have to use some imagination and you can even use the visuals that are in the virtual world.

Wow!! Isn’t Second Life amazing!!!

Thanks for reading

Enjoy your Second Life!


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It is hard to believe how long I have been inside the virtual world of Second Life. For the last six months or so after just one to many things that happened in Second Life that caused so much pain … Continue reading

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So What are “Second Life” Lies?

When you decide to go into the virtual world of Second Life you are doing just that. Your starting a second life. Your choosing to be something or someone that you can never be in your real life or maybe choosing to start over and be the person your meant to be or at least feel you could of/should of been if you had the chance for a “Do Over” in your real life. Of course we all know real life is just a one time deal. You live and die and everyone does. That is one thing we all have in common we are all born and we must all die someday.

I really didn’t start out being anyone but who I am in my real life. Thirteen years ago when I came on Second Life as Amberlynn I would of used my real name but of course Second Life didn’t have that in the register. You were given a first and last name. I learned a lot in that first avatar. The biggest thing I learned is you have to be even more careful then you are in real. After all people are behind that avatar and you have no idea who it really is or where they really live or even if they are male or female behind that avatar.

I agree you can be anything you want. In my real life I am a muti-tasker. I work full time and also am a care giver. I am the supporter of my family and have been taken care of not only my immediate family but my parents as well. I am the alpha in real. Guess what? That is not who I fantasize being. My dreams are to be taken care of myself. Not much of a surprise for anyone who has to be everything to everyone. I have my dreams in my Second Life being my partner’s babygirl and submissive. Of course his real life has changed so much because of his health and he is still my Dominant partner but I will have to wait a bit longer for the true dreams I have with him and I really don’t mind since we have become so much more then just Second Life together through the years and I know change is also a part of Second Life.

So what about all the other people you meet in there? Have you met people and brought them into your trust and given them some knowledge of yourself only to find out they are not really what they said they were?

How do you handle finding out things later that you didn’t know and how did you let it effect your virtual world with this person?

I believe the reason for this blog is I have found that people who have told me things about themselves and I believed them and a year or so later purely by accident they let the cat out of the bag and you find out what they have been telling you all this time is a lie. I do believe the first thing that happens is SHOCK! You can’t believe all these years you didn’t know. Next is HURT. You feel like you gave them much about yourself and trusted they were doing the same and then the last is loss of TRUST. You now don’t believe anything they say to you.

Is this any different then in real life when you find out a giant lie about someone?

I am not sure but it is something to think about. Is a Second Life lie any different then a Real Life one?

Thanks for reading



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Long time Second Life…. How much we have changed!

I was sitting on my alt “Yes I believe most of us have them” and watching a movie on the Second Life TV. Many of them I can’t get yet without paying for them in real so sometimes I will come on my alt to sit and watch that way no one knows I am online.

Someone IMed me that had come into the area. He asked me some questions and we kind of got into a conversation. We ended up talking that way for about 15 minutes. I was really enjoying the conversation when he offered me some landmarks of places we were talking about. I looked up at the landmarks and I froze. I realized I didn’t trust this stranger. I wasn’t sure what was really in the stuff he sent or if could cause any issues. You know it seems like yesterday I was talking to a guy and we had a long conversation and he also offered me a landmark to go riding. I took it without hesitation back then. We have been together over six years now.

What has changed when I am nervous now to talk to someone or even trust them to let them into my Second Life even with a simple friendly landmark?

I think trust in the people in Second Life has changed for me. Also being hurt so much in the virtual world has changed me. It is something that I am sure most of us have been through when we trust people we call friends in there and then they turn on you. They may decide some in your Second Life are bad because of how they live their Second Lives. They may bash people or make you feel like you have to choose sides.

Of course there are those who you fall for and they hurt you in some way. It doesn’t even have to be on purpose.

You can make friends that become more then that where your now talking to them in real life all the time but then it becomes a part of your real life that you were never looking to pull out of your fantasy world.

There are ones you become so close to but then their real lives pull them away from Second Life and you barely see them or talk to them anymore. The trust that they will always be in your life is broken now.

The worst are the ones who come into Second Life just to hurt others. They are trolls or maybe great with computers so they can steal your lindens and maybe even your credit card on you account.

Sometimes I miss that girl I use to be that just loved meeting people and talking and not worrying about what can or can not happen. To trust is something that I miss the most. Sometimes I wonder if I can ever get that back. I need to after all without it how will I come out of my hermit shell and be who I was meant to be again?



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What a Difference the Second Life World Makes

Back in the day I remember working all day, getting dinner for the family, changing and instead of sitting down to watch something on TV before bed, I remember running to my computer and begging it to wake up faster so I can come to my Second Life.

Yes, it was my Second Life! It had nothing to do with my real life. In the beginning I was brought into the virtual world by a real life friend but for whatever reason she no longer liked me enough to stay real life or Second Life friends. I was very crushed by her more then she would ever know because I thought we would have our friendship and closeness forever after all we grew up together. Of course that is real life. People in real life act so different because they can see you and touch you and know you as well as your other friends and family but in Second Life you get to start all over. You get to meet people you would have never met in your real life. People from all walks of life. Some are even shut ins. Some has health problems and some are just so lonely that they could drink their selves to the point of no return or worse. Yes, this virtual world was a new reason for living.

I made friends and family and oh so enjoyed it. I joined groups and clans and even fell in love but the problem always came when they wanted to also be a part of my real life. They wanted to skype, cell phones, my real life Facebook and even wanted to get together in real life. I will confess i have done it a few times now. Unfortunately when we went back to the virtual world something was off. I really can’t explain it and yes, I know I am blogging about it so I better.

Life is just different. No longer is there an air of mystery about us. No longer do I get excited about jumping on a computer. It just doesn’t feel the same anymore now does it?

Friendships in Second Life are so very special. They are the people you will never meet but love you anyways. They want you to come out and have some Second Life fun with them. Go on a shopping spree together or join a group to explore different avenues of your Second Life together. You may even find something you all have in common. Maybe dancing in a dance group, exploring being another type of creature. How about a vampire? What about a furry? Sometimes you can also get into a game of shooting zombies. Riding fast and strong is a fun thing to do as well.

All of those things and more you just can’t do in the real life world. Really, I don’t think you want to do those things in real life even if you could. You would need to drive to the place, buy the costumes, pay for the land your playing on and well most of us are pretty tired from our real life days to do those things.

As we get older in our real lives we find a lot of the things we would love to do in there we no longer have the energy for as well.

How about love? Have you fallen in love in Second Life? Have you been with that person for a year, two, three, four, or more? Second Life has the greatest gift of Love. It fits perfect and your not together 24/7 like your are in real life. By that I mean you miss each other because your not back together until you come back on the computers. If you break up it is just as hard of course but your not going to be around them at your real life work, home, down the street or even in the same city. Being away from each other you can with time and effort make it through. The biggest thing is your not going to watch them get sick or worse in the Second Life world. you may hear about it but that is not the same as going to the hospital or worse. I know this part is a bit to much even for me. I guess I have watched to much in my real life in sickness and death then most.

I think the main thing I love about Second Life is the Fantasy of it. Not being a part of reality. Being able to smile while I am in real life remembering something I did with my friends in Second Life.

I do think Second Life is a wonderful place. I am hoping for many more experiences to come.



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Understanding our Time in Second Life

I am really in the mood for some great sexual fun. Yes, I said it. *giggles….

Picture it… sitting with friends and talking about this or that then the IM hits me in Second Life. … *Take off your panties babygirl…. I want to ask questions but even in a text I know he is in full Dominant mode. Instead of asking I take them off both in Second Life and Real life. *blushes….

He now proceeds to emote and instruct me in all of the emoting… “I bet you thought I was going to tell you what he is telling me to do???” I am moaning and loving every second of it. He keeps going until I can take it no more.

PLEASE Daddy!!!

He needs no more coaxing as he lets all of our friends know we are leaving and away we go home and into our element.

Second Life is a place for us to enjoy each other. It is a place for us to fantasize and also to bring it to our real world as well. *Looks up at my paddle on my shelf and smirks.

Life has a way of changing for all of us. It has a way of putting on the breaks even in our fantasy world.

During our six years together we have been through so much together in Second Life as well as in our real lives.

As we all grow older in our real lives “since it seems like our bodies never change in our Second Lives hehehe” it does a lot to us. One thing it doesn’t seem to change is our feelings of connection. We all need it, want it and oh so desire it.

My love is now back in his real life dealing with things of his health and I am alone again. No ones fault it is just a part of getting older and dealing with the changes that come with it. Many of us move slower, nap more or maybe every day, find things on our bodies that need repairing.

I think with time comes wisdom. I am learning to go with the flow of our real lives and take time to take care of me.

Oh no worries we will be enjoying each other again real soon. *giggles and blushes….

Enjoy each and every day because you never know in a blink of an eye it can change.



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