When you look back on your Second Life What do You see?

I have recently been playing with my very first Avatar Amberlynn. Oh I have jumped on her from time to time before. Usually just to check out all the free stuff out there. I have jumped on her when they have given out free Mesh heads from Catwa, Genius and quite a few more. I kind of wish I also put some skins in there when they would have 50 Linden Fridays or Gacha ones that I liked. You see even though I got some free heads or Bodies that were either half off or free I just never really put her together. I guess a bit I might have but to spend the time it takes to give her a beautiful look I just was lazy. This weekend I did just that. Went through all her stuff and brought Danni on to throw some of her shapes that are my favorites and of course body preferences. Again, in SL I can be lazy I do lots of work in my real life and like I am sure many people in SL I just want to have fun. Of course I have worked in there over the years but maybe time and age has changed me to the point I have no desire to work in Second Life.

I did this weekend put the work into her. I think I did pretty good since there was no one around but me on Danni to help me. I also had to go out and find a skin to match her body. Yeppers that was the big money or should I say lindens I put out everything else was already in Amber’s inventory just waiting for me to get on her and do the work.

Amberlynn was a memory of a time gone by, A time when everything was new and exciting. Where staring at the Second Life Ocean made me relax and never want to jump off line. I made some amazing friends on Amberlynn and lost someone who was in my real life and I loved so much but I guess really didn’t know her until we came to the virtual world.

I also had my first love of my Second Life on there and is seems like yesterday when Dallas was talking to me and I was blushing so hard in real life I could feel my real life cheeks burning. It was an experience I will never forget. Also the loss of love and friendships were the first time in my Second Life on Amberlynn. The pain and heartache and total shock that people you only knew from the virtual world could hurt you so badly was an experience most people have had.

Also learning was something I did on Amberlynn. I believe a lot of who I am today on the computer and with my job is from all the knowledge I accumulated from friends and SL family in there. It also gave me confidence in myself that I am pretty smart and also a belief in myself that I am worth it. If someone feels I am not than it is their loss. Yes… I have sure grown being on Amberlynn. The biggest thing I learned on her was how to bring the submissive girl inside of me out. It has helped me grow and explore my more kinky side and to be someone I never thought I could be because of all the things I have to be in the life I live. I have had to be the Alph in all things for more reasons then I care to go into. So when the babygirl comes out I am sure happy and contented more then words can say.

Amberlynn I guess I was pretty afraid of bringing around. She was a giant piece of my past. My growing years in Second Life.

In real I have kind of done what I did in Second Life. Made a wall of the years with friends and family. Even the ones who are no longer in my real life are up there now. I use to hide all the past pictures because it hurt to much the loss of certain people. I don’t anymore. One reason is all of those people had a part in the girl I am today. The other reason is simply that life is to short. Some day I will no longer be in the real world and of course the virtual world. We all someday will not. I decided to life my life at this stage of my life for me. To not keep looking back crying or wishing I could change what happened. There is really no going back and if you did try to fix things with certain people the relationship would still never be the same. You can only more forward and learn from the past and enjoy the rest of your life.

My your Second Life and Real Life be everything you want. Remember life it to the fullest there is no going back and re-doing that time.

Thanks so much for reading my blog



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How important is your Second Life Inventory to you?

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Last night I was at one of my Group’s munches at the BDSM community I enjoy going to and at the munch the posed a question for everyone to ponder and answer if they felt like it. The way the … Continue reading

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How true is your Second Life to you?

My Real Life has been quite busy. Lots of things I am doing right now so really not on Second Life to much. Isn’t that the truest sense of Second Life? To keep it as a Second Choice of your life? I would never get rid of my avatar but I really enjoy coming on when I can to bring the truest sense of who I am.

When I go online now I am not in very many groups to pop in and out. Heck I am not really doing the family thing that I use to do. I use to have two sets of parents and so many siblings and cousins and such that I couldn’t pop online without an IM hitting me. I have either changed or my thoughts of my Second Life has changed. I guess we become a bit on the selfish side when we have been in the virtual world a long time. I no longer look to make everyone else happy but more make myself happy. I guess we should do that all along find the true meaning of our Second Lives. If your not happy inside that world being who you are and doing what you want to do but trying to find someone to do it with or just sit around doing nothing then why bother going online?

In the last months I have joined a couple of new groups. They are not ones that most of the friends I have in the virtual world are interested in but they sure do interest me. I am working on learning a bit more about myself but also learning how others see the types of BDSM sides there are. My favorite part is going to Munches. These are discussions and even question and answers about the society I am a part of. Many answers are very similar to what I would answer but many of them I don’t agree with at all. About babygirl/submissives I have found many don’t have a clue about them. Some even proceed them to be a brat always getting into trouble or not really submitting to their Daddy Dominant. I am sure many are like that because with time comes changes. The baby boomers or even X generation is not the main one anymore with time comes the millennials and then we have the Gen Z that has been hitting the BDSM community. They are all welcome of course but with the newer generations comes newer ways and thoughts on just what being a babygirl submissive is all about.

For me I believe all thoughts can be true. There are so many ways to be a submissive just as there are so many ways to be a Dominant or even a switch. All of them are true forms of the BDSM world.

This does remind me about what is going on in the real life world. How people perceive things and feel they must shout, fight or worse to make their thinking of how things go heard.

At this stage of my life I really do like myself. I feel it every time I wake up in the morning and see it in everything I do in my real world and my Second Life world. I no longer apologize for wanting to be or do the things I do. Life in the second half of our journey kind of makes us see how really short it is. How we really don’t need lots of people in it but just the one or two who get us and loves us just the way we are.

My last group in the MC world showed me how some people treat others that they don’t agree with. The people who feel the way they live their life is completely wrong and they attacked, yelled, mentally abused the ones that they felt did evil in their eyes. I am more mad at myself then them for sticking around as long as I did and watching how very evil people can be to each other. There is so much of it in the real life world I had forgotten those same people come into the Second Life world and do the same thing.

In my last munch “discussion group” at my BDSM community one of the questions thrown out to the group was about why we need Linden Labs protection when someone is attacking us or abusing us in some way or even griefing us. Griefing is a form of abuse usually but not always the younger generation does where they go to sims that do not have things locked down or any type of protection orb and do things to the sim or the people on it that they perceive as funny but in actuality is very abusive.

One person said just hit the X on the top right of the screen and log off Second Life. I guess that would work.

Another said that may be a short fix but many people are hurt inside and most especially mentally. After all none of us are in there with our real life bodies. So if you go afk and find out someone had sex with your avatar while your away and left you a message of what they did or you come back and find it happening isn’t that abuse?

If you come home and you forgot to put a protection orb on and your sim is destroyed and your items scattered or sent back to you isn’t that abuse?

No, the person is right in the virtual world there should be consequences for mental abuse.

That is just one more reason I am very careful in the friends of my Second Life.

I love being a submissive and love the way I am treated by my Dominant Partner as well as my community. I still get a but nervous speaking up for who I am and what I believe but that won’t stop me from being a babygirl. After all even life in Second Life is quite short. Some day I may stop going on the virtual world or they may be gone. You never really know. All I know is the true me still comes inside that world and it may not be as much as I use to but it is a comfort to know the people I do spend time with enjoy me just as I am.




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How to keep your BDSM relationship alive when you are Second Life/Internet bound? From one Submissive/bbg

Sometimes it feels impossible to stay connected when so much is going on outside of our Second Lives and pulls us away from each other. I know for me my emotions of missing my Dominant partner is sometimes more than I realize. Most of us have such busy lives that we are not able to be on the virtual world as often as we would like. As time moves on instead of getting less busy we seem to get even busier. Of course things happen as well such as job changes, health issues, family problems, internet issues, and so very much more. Life moves more quickly then we give it credit for and of course is a constant change. So how do we keep our lifestyles alive in our real lives and even more so how do we keep that connection we crave so much we can taste it going outside of Second Life? I am sure many people have different ways they do this and they are all valid with communication and consent. Here are some that you may or may not have thought about that I really enjoy.

Send an IM/Text in the morning and at night.

Many of us go days or longer without being on Second Life to see each other and some of us even go longer since we have had time to do a scene together. For me it makes me very antsy and umm well shall we say missing my Dominant more than words can say. By simply sending a quick text saying “Good morning bbg be good today I love you” or something similar to that gets my heart racing and keeps me happy the whole real-life day!

Ask them how they are doing/did they eat/how did they sleep?

Asking questions about how your submissive is doing that day like those above or some that are similar keeps us happy as well. I feel very loved and wanted as well as needed. It shows me how important I am and keeps me grounded in our partnership. Many submissives such as me needs guidance in our real lives or maybe doesn’t need but wants it. Many of us are in control of so many things throughout the day that being that submissive in even just a “check-in” will bring our minds and imagination back to what we are truly wanting and shows us again we matter and more then just Second Life.

You are MINE!

Those three words even if it is in a talk or while we are texting back and forth means so much more than words to babygirls/littles/submissives. They are words that show we are taken. They help us to believe in ourselves and in the relationship we have even if it is internet only.

What are you wearing today? Send me a picture! I want you to wear……

Control is so much more than being in the virtual world. Us Submissives want, need and desire it even if there may be times we can’t come inworld or be together for days or more. As long as we communicated and have consent on certain things we can do outside of the virtual world please do it! I love the random out of the blue control my Dominant takes. It pulls me out of my comfort zone and out of my head and right back where I want to be. It also is one of the most sexy things that happens in my imagination as I will put out on the next one to do when you are not about to get online.

When you get home I want you to take your hairbrush, wooden spoon, and paint stick and place them by your computer.

Yes, this has happened to me and I am telling you right now it has me squirming at work all the rest of the day. I have no idea why or *smirks I may have some ideas but you just never know. There are times he has done this to me and when we went online that night he never brought it up again. That of course frustrates me to no end. But also it is a lot like edging without touching no isn’t it? He has done this in many ways as well when I am at the store he may ask me to buy a certain thing and I am wondering what we will be doing with that later or he may ask me to go into a bathroom and tack a picture of a certain umm shall we say thing. *blushes

When you get home tonight, I want you to edge 3 times before you come online. Who says you can’t drive your submissive crazy even when your away from each other. This one is hard for me. I don’t like feeling needy and have a hard time stopping myself but because of the honesty and trust we have together if I ummnm Opps then I do tell and take my punishment like a good babygirl. *grins and who knows that might have been what I wanted from him all along but the worst is when he does nothing that day or night or does it to me for a couple of days. Oh yes my Dominant can be a sadist when he wants to. *winks

I am sure you can think of many more I haven’t written in fact you can even put them in the comments and I may just tell my Daddy.



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Why do we have Wars in Second Life?

  • The thoughts and views in this blog in no way reflect someone else.

Why do we have wars in our world? Haven’t we learned to live and let live by now? In the world we are watching another war. It is unthinkable the way humans treat other humans.

No one person thinks exactly like another person. We were all born with our own minds. Through the years since birth our thoughts are made from the people we are with and the things that have happened to us.

I believe most wars are simply that the two sides have two different perspectives on what is or isn’t how things should be. Neither side will see the other’s perspective and then tempers fly, anger, hurt, pain and suffering happens. As in wars people die but what about Second Life?

Second Life is suppose to be a fantasy world. Where we get to be whoever or whatever we choose to be. Going inside of the virtual world we are suppose to respect each others thoughts and feelings and way of living.

Do we?

I have recently been to a discussion in Second Life. Going into it I kind of knew how this one was going to go. I really am not sure why I even went since for me and my Second Life I stay away from drama and want to enjoy my Second Life and have fun and laugh as much as possible.

I knew this was not going to be one of those nights going into the discussion. So why did I go? I believe my main reason was to understand more about what they were about to discuss.

Most discussions are about an hour. This one was over two hours. I did not put my views into it but I did listen to both sides of the discussion. Both sides were very vocal on their thoughts and very strong in their convictions. Why everyone else should understand their thoughts and feel theirs are the only way it should be.

I do believe everyone has a right in a discussion to speak. I do not feel that when speaking you should attack anyone or cuss or scream or call names. I also do not believe that an opinion gives anyone a right to tell someone else they should see things their way because if they don’t than there is something wrong with them and they need help. Unfortunately, that is what seems to always happen. I heard that from both sides and even if one feels they were not doing that it was heard loud and strong.

I sat there realizing War will always be. It can be with bombs, guns, viruses, but most of all it will always be in words and emotions because that is the strongest way to attack. Once you take a gun and shoot it at another you can never take it back and the same is true with words. Once they are said and put out there they can never be taken back. Everyone has strong opinions. Everyone feels they are right in their opinion. Some can’t speak them in words or are not able to speak as elegantly in their words but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel strongly. Some are quietly telling what their opinion is but that doesn’t mean their feelings are any less because of how they are speaking.

Our opinions are based on what has happened to us in our lives. I will give you a “For Instance”

In my real life if someone in SL knew it they would probably say I am lucky. I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I have a job and pay my bills mostly. I am lucky. In my perspective there are days I pray that God will take me home. There are days or more I can’t leave my bed. I lay there crying all day. I can’t eat. This is my perspective. This is from the things I have gone through in my life. No one will ever understand me because they have never lived in my shoes. Does this make it right or wrong?

We all or mostly know right from wrong. We are told to respect each other and to value everyone’s opinions. We all deserve to have our thoughts and no one can take them away. Attacking each other because or how we think, look, dress, act, where we came from or how we live our lives or the many other ways people attack is simply wrong.

Will this ever change? Well, we can try to change it. We can try to get people to understand our perspective but in order to do that we must also understand theirs and not tell them they are wrong even if we feel with everything in us they are wrong. Yelling, screaming, cussing, wearing certain worded shirts, or carrying certain worded signs only keeps the anger and hatred going.

Will it stop? Will we be able to accept each other just as we are? Will we decide that what has happened to us in the past will in no way drive our future?

Look at our world today? They say all it takes is one person or one voice. Is that true or does it take everyone in the world to decide not to judge, condemn, hurt, or cuss each other. To accept each other and respect each other?

As always thank you for reading my blogs.

The thoughts are mine and are based on my life and no one else.

Please try to respect and not judge.



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The babygirl inside ………… Finding a way to fulfill those desires in Second Life.

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The truth is………… I am strong. I am the alpha in every aspect of my real life. I am the bread winner the one who takes care of everyone from 90 years old down to 20 year old. I am … Continue reading

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Why Join and Why Leave Second Life Groups

I am sure in the past I have blogged about Groups in Second Life. For quite a while now I have pulled away from joining groups and because of this I started thinking of the very question.

Why I have joined groups in the past may be pretty obvious after all a lot of the gifts you can get in Second Life or Letter Boards in the stores you can’t get without having that group tag. That happens all the time. I have been one of those people in the past who checked to see if the group is free and if it is I join it and grab the outfit or accessory I really wanted and then just as quickly jumped out of the group. Works pretty good now doesn’t it. I haven’t done that in quite a long time and probably because being in the virtual world for 13 years I have way to many outfits now in my inventory and it really doesn’t matter if it is on Danni or my first avatar. My first avatar now is all mesh and bento from free things in groups when I spent thousands of lindens setting Danni up. Yes, being in a lot of these groups you can do that easy.

But what about the groups that are not about material things. Why do we join them? The types of groups I am talking about are “but not limited to” Music, Vampire, Racing, Motorcycle, Furries, Gaming, Puppies, Families, Dancing, Space, religion, BDSM, slaves, Gor and so many more. Why do you think we seek out groups in Second Life and join them?

I think one of the main reasons is a very good one. We get lonely. You can only do so much shopping and building in Second Life and sooner or later you start seeking out friendships/companionships/relationships and of course like-minded people who enjoy doing the same things we do after all we are not jumping on a computer and hitting the X-box or Play Station or maybe Steam programing and playing games there. Of course, now a days you can also put on headphones and talk to other people who are playing the same games you are but it kind of just isn’t the same as firing up the virtual world of Second Life and looking at your avatar you built to look like what you feel is inside of you and teleporting to your different groups for a very different type of adventure now are you?

Another reason is to meet people. You do want to hang out and talk with others. Not everyone in Second Life wants to talk in voice and many just don’t put on a headset or many more do listen but just would prefer to type but all in all they want to meet people and do some activities with others. Establishing friendships is so much fun as well. You want to laugh and play games and drive around Second Life with others. You want to get to know people and their likes and dislikes in either world. I do believe most people want to not be alone all the time watching the TV or reading. Many people live alone or with others that they just don’t have much in common with. Also, in groups if you’re lucky enough and are wanting this you can meet someone you can fall in love with and even partner with them. Relationships come in all types and sizes, but our hearts are pretty big and there is always room for love. In my opinion love is one of the most wonderful human traits there is. To go outside of your own self and to be thinking about someone else. To care what is going on with them and to feel lucky enough to have that person in your life is just the most amazing emotion there is. Also, to feel it yourself. That you are the most important person in their world. What you think matters to them. The way your feel they can emphasize with it. That person seeks you out above everyone else and wants to be with you. They don’t have to be with you but they want it more than anything else. What an amazing feeling that is! I was discussing with my partner about so many of my friends and family in Second Life. I said to him I realize I wouldn’t have pretty much most of the people in my Second Life including him if it was not for the groups I joined in the past. I may no longer be a part of most of those groups, but I am happy now that I was at one time a part of those groups and most of all because of the amazing friends and family I now have because of those groups.

So why do we leave groups in Second life then?

As I have said, I have been in Second life many, many, “sighs” MANY years. I have seen many amazing things and have also seen some things that I wish I never saw and met people I wish I never met. I have had so many highs from being in those groups and have laughed so hard I had tears running down my real-life face and had to step away to calm my butt down. *Giggles What wonderful memories! I have also been angrier in Second Life then I ever thought possible. I have watched people in groups take their senior control over the group to a level of being GOD to the group. I have watched them scream and threaten people who are in the group for things that are in their perspective wrong. It didn’t matter if the rest of the group disagreed it only mattered that they felt their perspective was the only way to go or that old saying “My way or the Highway” comes to mind. I have also been to more meetings than I have ever been to in the business world in my real life. Have you ever been called in a meeting in real life and sat there waiting for it to be over so you can get back to work? Well, we are not working but we are looking forward to having fun in Second Life and sometimes those meetings just are not warranted. Sometimes they are of course just like our real lives there are new things coming up in the club you’re hosting in that you need to be made aware of so it is important. Maybe they got new managers at the club your in and they want to introduce them to you. That is also something worth it.

I think a lot of reasons we leave groups in our Second Lives is we have outgrown those groups or maybe that family. After all just like real life we grow as we age and want different things. That could also be said for couples. Sometimes we just run out of things that peak both and don’t see the world in the same way.

Truthfully there is nothing wrong with leaving and moving on to different things. I don’t want to say better things since during that time in that group it was something you really liked and enjoyed or else why would you have joined them? I will have to say for the many groups I have joined and left the very main reason I have left was not the drama that erupted “as we know that happens so easily” but I have simply outgrown what I was receiving in the group. Who knows maybe someday in the future I will want to join a similar group that have grown in ways that I have grown? For me Second Life groups are for the most part amazing. They give way more then you get if you don’t join them. They help us grow to be the people we are, and we learn what we like and certainly do not like in our Second Lives. My partner has a different perspective to groups then I do. He doesn’t join them because he feels bring three or more people together and call it a group and it causes way too much drama for his taste. He may be right since not everyone is going to agree how to handle other group members or activities in the group, but I am still here to say I will keep joining groups. Maybe I am too crazy to listen to him, but I really think it is mainly good for people to be in a group. I believe we want to enjoy the companionship of friends and family. For my Second Life I want to keep making more and more friends in the future.

Of course, this is only one girl’s opinion of groups in my Second Life and in no way is it a reflection on any of the groups in this amazing virtual world.

May you enjoy your Second Life in any way you choose to.



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Why be owned?

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I have often been asked why would I want to be in a Dominant/submissive relationship? Why do I want to submit to someone? Don’t I have respect for myself? Don’t I want to do what I want and go where … Continue reading

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How to cope with Loss of someone important to you on Second Life?

A story popped up when I was just browsing through the internet on my lunch break at work. It was about the loss of someone you love that you have only known on the internet. It really struck home for me. I have thought about this very question so many times since I became a Second Life girl about 13 years ago. I am sure before Second Life people became internet buddies but it was from the ones I have talked to that use to do it” typing only back in the day”. Since virtual worlds came out people interacted with avatars. Way back when Second Life was first made I was told it was typing only. Of course now people talk in voice if they so desire. Many people get on Skype and Discord to also talk to each other and of course Second Life Facebook as well as so many other ways.

I have heard many times of people disappearing from each other’s Second Lives. Many were partnered and they never exchanged phone numbers or e-mails so they had no idea what happened. Many were family members and children of someone in second Life and of course there are so many who are stuck in a bed and very sick and all they have is their laptop to talk to someone.

There are of course many of us who are just lonely in our real lives. We have real life friends, family and some even spouses and not happy or have nothing in common so they are lonely but because of circumstances beyond our control we are stuck in the life we live so we turn to the internet for company, friendships and most of all Love.

So how do you cope when you lose someone and have never met them in real life?

Myself, I have only met one person from my internet friends but a lot of them I also have skyped and discorded with. There are quite a few we see each other in real when we talk on Skype as well.

The thing that got me in the story was that the person who they were in love with and loved them back passed away suddenly. This believe it or not has always been in the back of my mind.

I have had many friends and family members in the world of Second Life. Many have had health issues and still many more have just disappeared, and I never got to meet again in the virtual world. It hurts a lot and I miss them more then you can possibly know. I have tried to message them in the virtual world as well as on our Facebook accounts since many have made those with their avatar’s name. It takes a long time to let go of someone who just disappeared from my world. To this day I still think of one who left over ten years ago.

My biggest fear has always been the love of my life, my partner, my best friend and the one I talk to just about every single day he would be gone like poofed and no one would tell me if he was alive or not. My partner and I have gone through so much together. We of course just like real life have had our ups and downs but that love we have for each other has developed stronger as the years have gone by. He knows me better then anyone in any life does. He can listen to just one word I say and he knows if I am upset or happy or excited or even horny giggles. Through the years we have both had issues in our lives and not just with our real life relationships and friends and family but also with health after all we are both older and not ready for the old age homes but now get those health things that when we were young we would not have even considered hitting us. My partner has had quite a lot of surgeries since we have been together and each time he went in I made him promise to ask for his cell phone and to message me or call me to let me know he was …. ALIVE…. and recovering.

I know he and I have never met in real life. I can kick myself since our first six months together he wanted to meet me at the airport that I was at and was very close to where he lives while I was in a layover for the next plane and instead, we just skyped and talked. Looking back, I was right I didn’t know him like I do now seven years later, but I still wish we met. I do believe we will meet in person someday. I truly do believe that but for now he is the first person I think about when I wake and the last one I talk to before I sleep. He is the person I want to tell about my day good or bad and then I want to know about his. We talk about everything He has also taught me so many things and brought me to worlds I would have never even imagined or considered. I am able to blog because of him and I am now a Webmaster because of him teaching me so much and encouraging me to learn more because I am stronger than I ever imagined and braver and smarter. He gave me so much more then I can say in words. I am who I am because of him being a part of my internet life. I can tell him my deepest thoughts and he knows where I am in my day and what I am up to most of the time. I can’t imagine my life without him in it. Soooooooooooooo…..

How does someone get through if a someone you have had a strong connection with in the virtual world passes away? After all we haven’t physically touched. We have two different worlds and in most cases the other people in our real lives do not even know how much of a connection there is with someone who is internet only.

In the story this girl went through books, chat rooms, groups to find answers on how to handle the grief she was feeling. Pretty much everyone she talked to didn’t understand her grief. They felt hers wasn’t a real grief. Many of these groups have real life deaths from spouses, friends or children. They just feel if your internet only it is not the same?

Is it the same?

I do know when I fell in love with someone before my partner now and they broke up with me I cried so hard in real life. I couldn’t eat, sleep or even concentrate. It took me months maybe even years to fully get over it. I lost almost 20 pounds because I could not hold my food down.

Is grief real if your internet only?

How do you get over the loss of someone you are no longer going to see in the virtual world. You will not wake up to an IM on your cell phone ever again from that person. They will no longer be there to make you laugh so hard you have tears running down because you are so very happy. You can no longer send them a text telling them about what just happened to you in your real life.

I believe in the year 2021 there are going to be many asking that question. Between the new covid that has hit all of us around the world to health issues with things that happen in our lives to just getting older we are all if we are lucky enough to let people in we just met through a computer box to be in our lives, we are going to ask that question. I bet in the 1980’s and under no one ever imagined you can have people in your life that you become so close to and will most of the time never meet. What an amazing world we live in.

To the ones I met through the virtual world that have left never to return I want to say you just do not know what an impression you make in people’s lives when you came in to Second Life. You also have no idea how much you are missed now that your gone. Many have left due to health and some due to finances that their computers no longer work the virtual world and of course some just don’t want to come on anymore so they poofed without ever saying goodbye. The last reason is the saddest. They passed away in real life with no way to get word to anyone.

In the end I do still believe in the world of making friends and having family that is not blood related and of course most of all I believe in LOVE. Love is what is most important because without being loved, feeling love and giving love we really just exist.

May you all feel love and love someone. If your a virtual person I am sure what I am thinking has crossed your mind as well.

As always thanks so much for reading my thoughts.

Please remember these are my thoughts and in no way are they a reflection of anyone elses.



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Inside the world of Second Life I believe we are all looking for one main ingredient. “LOVE”

Before you jump in the comments box and say that is not what your looking for at all let me explain what I mean.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes!

One type of love is the love for friends. We all get lonely in our real lives and look for like-minded people to spend our time with. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have all kind of become shut-ins. It is not what a lot of us are use to. Myself I was a person who was out day and most nights working, going to meetings, helping family and volunteering just to name a few of the things I did outside of my home. It was a shock to my system to stay home and do more for me. Kind of get to know myself and yes, love myself more. I learned that I was someone who enjoyed alone time. I even got more sleep in then I have in a long time. I read quite a lot and started projects on my home inside and outside. I think my home is cleaner then it has been since we first moved in. I was kind of a rare girl who really enjoyed my stay at home time. Not everyone does of course. Our world in 2020-2021 is a go out and find things to do kind of world. It seems embarrassing to say you would rather stay home and watch a movie then go out and hang with a bunch of people. Most of the time we all do want our friendships in fact I will have to say I lost touch with quite a lot of friends during this shut in time and not just in real life but in Second Life to. I found I didn’t want to sit in front of a computer much. I think a part of that is I found another love besides just friends….

Love yourself first. This one is a hard one. You got to be able to enjoy being by yourself and even enjoy the way you see yourself. We all jump on Second Life to change a bit of us. We give ourselves a pretty face and beautiful hair as well as a knock-out body. It is fun and exciting. I have twirled my avatar around to get good looks at all of her both with clothes and naked more times then I can say in fact if she was a real person she would be so dizzy she may not recover. *giggles Yes, I do love my avi very much and so does my partner. I have changed her look many times but all in all she is a very beautiful girl. So when I look in the mirror in real life with no make-up and no clothes on do I feel the same way? I do twirl myself in real to check and see where all the sags are and those doggone it wrinkles as well as my tits and ass just are not where they were even a few years ago. Wow!!! Do I love myself though? I will have to say, Yes! I do. I may not look like I did when I was 20 but that really doesn’t matter. I still have a look for my age I can be happy with. We all have things we want to change about our looks it is human nature. If someone looks at me and says that I should get this done or that done that is their opinion and it should not matter; as I love who I am and what I look like. I may work a bit on it exercising, eating right and taking my meds and vitamins but all in all time will play it’s cruel joke that it does to everyone as we age or should I say if we are blessed with the time to age. Life is just to short to wish for that 20 year old body anymore. I am what I am and proud of the girl I am in both lives. Yes, I do love myself.

Romantic Love. This one not everyone is looking for but I would have to say even the ones who say they are not interested have talked about it many times in my experience. Part of Romantic love is Fantasy inside of the virtual world. We, after all, most of the time are just using your mind and not our real life body. You’re living with this person inside of the virtual world and not in your own bed. Your having adventures and joining groups with this person that in no way you would ever be able to do in real life. Most of all your love-making and sexual attraction is a virtual thing …… or is it?

They say love is 30 percent physical but all the rest is emotional which means we feel something for someone and respond to those feelings weather your looking at the person or not. That being said, you still need that physical part or shall I say most of us do. You also in the Second Life world … hmmm probably in both worlds but as far as physical goes, unless you have a visual impairment in the real world your mainly going to need this in the Second Life world and that is TRUST! The type of trust I am blogging about right now is the person your falling in love with is telling you the truth about themselves behind that avatar. Some things you need to have the truth on is …

Age; As a person who has been around a bit I really do not want to be doing umm romantic-sexual things with a teenager. I will not discuss what that is called in real life but in Second life you kind of want to date, have romantic fun and may even partner someone who you have a lot in common with . Lets say kind of like the same music, clothes, dances, clubs, groups and so many other things. I for one am not into the “Head-Banging” music and neither is my partner. Now there is an acceptation to every rule of course but all in all we are looking for that connection and hopefully for a long time to come maybe even years.

Sex: I am all for being whatever you want to be in Second Life and even real life but for many of us we have a type we would be with and a type we would never be with. If you are a man and only interested in women you do not want to date and fall in love with another man. If that avatar you have been talking to in private IM is a man in real life you may want to know. It is that persons choice to be a different sex then they are in their real life but it is not the person who they are interested in choice. They need to trust you and deserve to know that you’re who you are perceived to be in Second Life and even have said you are in real life. The same holds true to a woman who is portraying a male avatar in Second Life. If your interested in women that is fine but they should know that your a woman and not a man. Their choices for their Second Life may not be with another women. In fact many simply would never even consider it no matter if this is a fantasy world or not. To start to have feelings for someone romantically as well as sexually is with the same heart in both lives. The pain and heartbreak when it does finally come out. Yes, the lies always do find a way to come out in the end. I have seen it more times then I can count. I can give you the ways but do not want to hurt feelings just want to be logical here. We are all adults or I guess most of us are. Respect is not something someone must earn you should give it to each other no matter what. Kindness and compassion are also things we should always give. There are literally thousands of people inside of Second Life. You can find someone who it doesn’t matter what sex you are behind that avatar but at least care about the person you’re having feelings for and becoming romantically involved with enough to be truthful about it. Isn’t it their choice to decide if they still want to go into the direction your all going into or to just have a friendship?

I have said this many times in my blogs but it bears repeating. When you fall in love in second Life it is with one heart! If the Second Life heart gets burned you are also burning that persons real life heart. Those tears are real and that anger, pain and resentment as well as sadness, hurt and mistrust are all of one heart. If you even care or love that person even a little bit even as a friend you should think before you do.

What does Love got to do with Second Life? A whole Hell of a lot in this girls opinion!

May all of your Second Life dreams come true with the friendships, family and romance of your Second Life.



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